What happens at the initial appointment

What happens at the initial appointment
The initial session is designed to give both of us an opportunity to meet and reflect on whether counselling can be of help to you.

This first appointment can last up to 60 minutes and is charged at £40. During the session you will have space to talk freely about what has brought you to seek counselling, your understanding of the current challenge and how it impacts upon your life and relationships at the moment. I will also ask about your goals in coming to therapy, the history and context of the problem and what you are seeking to change.

I will ask some questions relating to your current and past health, your key relationships (such as family, friends and work) and your wider support networks.

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We will also discuss confidentiality and data protection, the counselling process and how the appointments are set up. If you decide you would like to have counselling there will be a small amount of paperwork.

You are welcome to speak with me by phone or email for an informal discussion or to arrange an initial appointment.
I have both daytime and evening availability.
Cost: £40 per session  - (a limited number of low-cost places are available depending on salary, please contact me to discuss this).