My approach is:
  • Relational/Psychoanalytic - how we relate to ourselves and others in the here and now provides clues to understanding our past, our current blocks or struggles and our sense of self moving forward.  Sometimes what emerges can feel difficult. I will engage with you wholeheartedly in this process. I offer a commitment to exploring these complexities together alongside you rather than analysing you objectively. 
  • Integrative - Just as there are many parts of ourselves that need attending to in seeking counselling and psychotherapy, there are several theoretical models that can add understanding to our struggles. I will be lead by what you bring, working together with you to find an understanding that feels helpful. I will use my skills, experience and knowledge to listen carefully and respond in depth. 
  • Contextual - Where we grow up, our home, community, education, life chances, nationality, class, faith, race, sexual orientation, identity, age, health, disabilities - all of these influence who we are and how we feel in relation to others. Power processes run deep in society and in ourselves. I work together with individuals in an anti-oppressive way to understand the internal and external power processes that we struggle with.
  • Transpersonal - How do we make sense of our experience, our impact, value and meaning? It is often through addressing these questions relating to our existence that potential can be unlocked and transformation takes place. Sometimes this aspect of ourselves can be explored through symbolism, dreams or a sense of attunement to a broader collective human experience. 
  • Humanistic -  I provide a safe, authentic, empathic space in my work. I believe that each of us holds the potential for development and change at any stage of our lives.