Talking in confidence about what is on your mind...

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy image
  • You may be feeling anxious or depressed

  • Are you finding relationships or work challenging?

  • Could you be feeling overwhelmed or frightened?

  • You may be experiencing a loss of meaning or having distressing memories

  • Are you struggling with being a parent?

  • Perhaps things are feeling chaotic or confusing?

I aim to provide a safe space in which to explore what has brought you to seek therapy, to understand the influences and experiences that form who you are. I will work alongside you to find a way through difficulties and challenges, enabling you to feel a sense of connection to yourself and others that will strengthen you to move forward in your life with an awareness of your potential for growth and change.

Sometimes we can feel that putting our feelings into words is not easy. If this is your experience, I will work with you through relaxation techniques, exercises and non-threatening methods to place you at your ease and begin to find expression for feelings that are out of reach or locked away.