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I am an Integrative psychoherapist, holding an MSc from The Metanoia Institute. I am an Accreditied member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am insured by Balens Insurance.  

I have over 22 years experience of working with individuals, families and communities across the UK and abroad in health, statutory and voluntary sector settings, including central and local government and the NHS. Enabling individuals to build resilience, reach their potential and access what they need is something I feel strongly about. I have been involved through my work in managing staff, projects, providing both training and mentoring. I have worked as a therapist at Kinergy in Bristol, and at Cotswold Counselling.  Alongside my private practice work in Stroud and Bristol, I currently work for The Gloucestershire Counselling Service as a therapist and assessor, at dBs Music in Bristol and as an EAP therapist.

The opportunity of therapy provides a safe space in which to share and explore how we experience the world. It can also develop an understanding of our potential and choices moving forward.